Bill Gates gives Shs7bn for agriculture, healthBill Gates gives Shs7bn for agriculture, health

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given grant of Shs7 billion to Grameen Foundation to support agricultural technology, healthcare, and also improve access of information services by rural farmers in Uganda and Ghana.

The grant aims at breaking communication barriers among farmers. That way, it will encourage efforts to shift from subsistence to commercial farming. A team of experts from Grameen Foundation's technology centre will partner with researchers from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health to carry out constant surveys in agriculture and health. Community workers will use mobile phones to disseminate critical agricultural information to farmers, link them to markets and other key resources and collect information about the communities' needs. The statement reports that application will allow nurses, who currently spend roughly 30% of their time entering patient information into paper-based reports, to collect and transmit data more efficiently using their mobile phones. This will allow them to spend more time providing primary care services to patients, and will also give the Ghana Health Service more timely and accurate information that will help improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system.

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