Exemplary Initiatives to Promote Girl Child Education :: Rajasthan GovernmentExemplary Initiatives to Promote Girl Child Education :: Rajasthan Government

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Category: Government
Sub Category: Exemplary Initiatives to Promote Girl Child Education
Reference No. WES2016/Awards/WEAGSI001

Details of the Applicant:
 Rajasthan Govt.
Concerned PersonDr.sunita Bhatnagar
Email ID of the Concerned Person: sunita1366@yahoo.co.in
Contact Number of Concerned Person: 9413849558

Name of the Initiative being Nominated.
Dr.Sunita Bhatnagar

Key Facets of the Initiative.
On slate we first write Alphabet in Hindi and English then we show that picture starting name.then we show vowel “A E I O U” THEN WE SPEAK CONSONANT WITH VOWEL and speak .Same process in Hindi.Then we show numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0, put again with these numbers one, two, three and so on.On finger all thirty line put one number then we add Number , subtract Number, multiply numbers, divide Numbers , dogging practice on table 1 to 20.On mobile and Computer same processes follow.We show mobile function like Call, massage, torch, camera, video, calendar, watch,to do list, save Phone number, emale address send Massage, online shopping, PEN card, cred and dab-it card handling etc.

Elaborate on the Measurable Outcomes Proposed.
We show these process with all people.

Key Milestone Accomplished under the said Initiative.
MY TRUST Vivekananda Third Eye Centre Udaipur Rajasthan India 313001 is working.

Gross Investment Incurred (so far) & Proposed.

Extent of the Desired Outcomes.
Beyond Expectations

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