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After the state of Haryana came into existence on 1st November 1966, the Punjab Gram Panchayat  Act, 1952, was made applicable to the Panchayat Raj Institutes (PRIs) in Haryana. On 1994, the Haryana Panchayati Raj Act was framed which came into force on 22nd April, 1994. According to the Haryana Panchayati Raj Act 1994, PRIs have been entrusted with duties and functions related to all the 29 subjects listed in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution.

The Haryana Development and Panchayats Department strives to reach out to its rural masses and bring all the government services to their doorsteps. The homepage of the department's portal has different sections like, About Haryana, State of Panchayat, Online Applications and Contact Us. The 'About Haryana' section takes the user to the portal of the government of Haryana. The district wise total number of Gram Panchayats are also given in this section. With the help of the Online Application section, users can fill the following online forms for various schemes launched by the State Government that are:

  1. ePanchayat
  2. Model Village System
  3. Mahatma Gandhi Gramin Basti Yojna
  4. e-Village Directory
  5. Engineering Wing Reporting System

  Apart from above mentioned sections, the portal has following sub-sections:

Administrative Set Up: This section gives detailed information about the administrative set-up of the department at the State Headquarter, District Level and Block Level. It also gives name of the Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO) and Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) who are incharge at Block level.

About PRIs: The section gives information about the PRIs and history of panchayati raj system in India.

Budget: Through this section, users can view the budget allocations  by the Department under the Panchayat Wing and Development Wing. Under the Panchayat Wing, the webpage shows the budget statements of the expenditures incurred during the past five years, budget estimates of 2007-2008 and other rural development programmes under Panchayats Wing. The Development Wing webpage shows the non-plan scheme as well as plan scheme statement of expenditure from 2006-2007 to 2008-2009. Users can also see the explanatory memorandum for these budget allocations under these two wings.

Capacity Building: Through this department, the State Government has launched two capacity building initiatives; Haryana Institute of Rural Development, Nilokheri, Karnal and the State Community Development Training Centre (ETC). The Haryana Institute of Rural Development connects to the official website (http://hirdnilokheri.com) of the initiative. The State Community Development Training Centre webpage gives detailed information about the launch of Community Development Programme. Under this programme, the centre provides training courses for Block Development and Panchayat Officers and Extension Officers of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi State and some parts of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This training centre is engaged in imparting training and research on Rural Development, Panchayati Raj for Elected Panchayati Raj Functionaries (Panchayat Samitis, Sarpanches and Panches), Officers, Officials and Non-Officials of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Department and Line Departments.

Wings of the Department: The Haryana Development and Panchayats Department has four wings; Development Wing, Haryana Rural Development Fund Administration (HRDFA) Board, Engineering Wing and Panchayats Wing.

Development Wing: Under the Development Wing, the department has implemented various schemes like Rural Health and Sanitation Scheme under the Community Development Programme, Construction of Harijan/Backward/General Chaupals Subsidy Scheme, Construction of New Block Office Building Including Panchayats, Zila Parishad Buildings, etc.

Haryana Rural Development Fund Administration (HRDFA) Board: The HRDFA board aims  to improve quality of agricultural produce and to provide good markets.

Engineering Wing: The Panchayat Raj Engineering Wing (PREW) is the engineering wing of Development and Panchayats Department. The objective of engineering wing is to design, execute and maintain the required infrastructural facilities in rural areas for the economic development of rural people in Haryana.

Panchayats Wing: The Panchayat Wing monitors the development works and panchayat activities. It also covers various schemes like Revenue Earning Scheme, Matching Grant Scheme, Grant-in-aid to Panchayati Raj Institutions, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned sections, the portal also allows users to download various application forms, acts and rules and various Right to Information (RTI) forms for panchayat wing, funds release  for construction of streets in villages under 3rd State Finance Commission Scheme during the current financial year 2008-09 (Non-Plan)  and funds release for construction of CC streets in villages under pavement of streets scheme during the current financial year 2008-09.  The website also allows users to connect with other State Departments and  Administrative Reforms Commission and to view the map of the state, news and  state press releases, success stories of state/district/village panchayats, notifications details about letters and orders. The website is a one-stop platform that allows users to organise and evaluate data from the grassroots level with some new e-Panchayat tools.

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