ITU has established a new study group to deal with climate changeITU has established a new study group to deal with climate change

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International telecommunication Union (ITU) has established a Focus Group on ICTs and Climate Change and will formalize the Focus Group's output as ITU-T Recommendations including a methodology for evaluating the effects of ICTs on climate change both in direct terms and how ICTs can reduce emission in other industry sectors.

Study Group 5 was chosen as the lead study group and will be renamed the Study Group on Environment and Climate Change to reflect its new mandate. SG 5 remains the lead Study Group for protection against electromagnetic effects. Specifically SG 5 will work on documents related to:

  • Study of methodologies for calculating the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from ICTs, and the amount of reduction in the GHG emissions in other sectors as a result of using ICTs.

  • Creation of a framework for energy efficiency in the ICT field, taking account of WTSA Resolution 73.

  • Study of methodologies for power feeding that effectively reduce power consumption and resource usage.

  • Study of methodologies that reduce environmental effects for ICT facilities and equipment such as recycling.

In addition a Joint Coordination Activity (JCA) will ensure that the work across ITU-T's study groups is focused on delivering climate change focused standards in a timely and efficient way. Essentially the group will aim to see that standards are developed in the most appropriate way and that no duplication of effort occurs. It will also provide a single point of contact for ICT and Climate Change activities in ITU-T and seek collaboration from external bodies working in the field.

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