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In order to enrich teacher training programmes, which include diploma and certificate in primary education, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is developing a portal (depssa.ignou.ac.in/ wiki). The portal is expected to be launched soon. KR Srivathsan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, told that nned of streamlining the teaching methodology is the need of the hour. In addition, interactive and supportive approach for handling students in terms of self reflection is also a priority. The portal would be helpful for both the above as well as uploading multimedia publishing content to serve the purpose of teaching. Srivathsan states that while there is a profusion of online content in terms of teacher training, there is no portal that helps in structuring that content into effective training modules. The portal will also include an open course guide. He added that the aim of the portal is to make teaching efficient in accordance to the needs and aspirations of the teachers. He sums up that the portal will also be linked to the community radio stations and other local media platforms.

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