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Haryana farmers use SMS service for agricultural problems

Andhra Bank, BoB, PNB teamed up to buy banks in Malaysia

Norwegian Govt. goes live for online management solution
The Household Use of ICT Survey: Internet connects two-thirds of New Zealand homes
e-Procurement tools reduce the product cost by 35%
50% UK population supports for e-Voting
Kerala Govt. launches Akshaya project in Kannur, India
MTNL procures 500 e-tokens for MCA 21 e-Governance projects in India
USA's Internal Affair Dept. prepares nationwide IVS consultation
EU Survey: Digital revolution in Europe
100% mobile based government services in Ireland
Ireland Govt. unveils website to track records
Australian Federal Govt. to spend $42 million on website

Intel brings ICT skills for Malaysian students
Brunei's Education Ministry offers one click access service to teachers
Intel grants US one billion dollars for education programmes
Liberia University receives US$2.5 million fund from World Bank
Top UK schools to license institutes in India, China
Infotech companies enter in educational sector
Intel, OLPC offers laptop for Nigerian students
Katha brings mobile school for street children of India
MTC-Vodafone e-Learning Centre leads higher education in Bahrain
Digital Bridge Project launched in Liberia University
Satyam, IBM to set up KidSmart centres in Hyderabad, India

AOL launches Indian portal
South Korea Govt. to provide $ 2.5 million for data centre

MSPC, India launches second phase of drug CD on AIDS, TB
Indian Govt. allocates INR 25-30 millon to set up telemedicine zones WB, Tripura
Mobile phone monitors health
Iran Health Ministry launches e-Health project
Mumbai India specialists to consult villagers via Telemedicine
World Bank unveils health strategy plan for developing countries
Talbotton, Georgia receives telemedicine project
Brunei Health Ministry signs $2.7 million e-Health contract

IRCTC launches mobile ticketing service for Indians
Rcomm offers colored mobile phones for US $19 in India

Ghana Govt supports open source policy

SIDBI partners with Fin tech to set up trading platform for SMEs
Irish Govt. offers 'Tech-Check' programme for SME
Airtel moves to SME sector of India
Liverpool: Hotspot for SME growth
BT, Microsoft launch web based platform for SMBs

NASRDA will launch Nigeria Communication satellite
QuantumID brings RFID solution for pharma sector

CMC offers computer access, ICT skills to rural Uganda
OLPC machine comes at US$175
oneVillage Foundation partners iFOSSF to develop Telecenter Portals and Applications
Microsoft Pioneers "Rural Computing" in China and India,

Indian Govt. plans for free broadband connectivity for all by 2009
Jamaican Govt. receives highest ranking for telecoms
USOF invites telecom operators for rural telephony

Wateen Telecom launches WiMAX services in Uganda
Indian railways plans for Wi-Fi connectivity at stations
Orissa (India) anganwadis connected through Internet
VSNL launches wireless broadband for international travelers
Pune, the first unwired city in India

Name: Mark Fleeton
Publish Date: 09 April 2007
Interviewer: Jayalakshmi Chittoor

2007 Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) Competition
Organisations: Global Development Network and Japan Government
Last Date: August 20, 2007

Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Offshoring 2007
Date : 12-14 Jun 2007
Location : Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore

Near Field Communication Australia 2007
Date: 17-19 July 2007
Location: Sydney, Australia

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Urban Water Initiative
Location: Bangalore, India
Last Date: May 14, 2007
Email: info@arghyam.org

Country Representative
Christian Aid
Location: New Delhi, India
Last Date: May 8, 2007
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