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Governing the interwoven networks the interwoven networks

Message from Secretary, DIT,GoI

Jainder Singh from Secretary, DIT,GoI

Internet for all: A curtain raiser
Third Internet Governance Forum, HICC, Hyderabad, December 3-6, 2008
Governance Forum, Hyderabad,India

IGF 2008: What, Why, How and for Whom
Dr Govind
perspectives in Internet governance

Access - connecting the next billion
Abiodon Jagun, Willie Currie
Paper,Association for Progressive Communications

Internet Governance: Information and Participation
David Souter
for Progressive Communications(APC)

Imagining the future of the Internet
Roberto Gaetano
Marina Del Rey,CA,USA

Internet Governance: Role of Public Policy
Deepak Maheshwari

Plan now for an informed future!
Dhrupad Mathur
building in Internet Governance

CSDMS Workshops in Third IGF Hyderabad
workshops in IGF Hyderabad

Nitin Desai, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretry-General for Internet
In conversation with Nitin Desai, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General for Internet Governance
Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General for Internet Governance
Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator, Secretariat of IGF, Geneva
Markus Kummer, IGF Executive Coordinator in the Secretariat in Geneva has been facilitating the Internet Governance Forum's processes since 2006.,Executive Coordinator,Secretariat of IGF,Genevaa

Ravi Shanker, Jt Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of India
i4d team spoke to N Ravi Shanker, Joint Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. Shanker,Jt
Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of India

Rajesh Aggarwal, Additional CEO, NIXI
In the context of IGF 2008, Ritu Srivastava and Rajat Banerjee of CSDMS spoke to Rajesh Agarwal, Additional CEO, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI).
Aggarwal,Additional CEO,NIXI

Naresh Ajwani, Secretary, ISPAI and NRO - Member Council (APNIC) India
Naresh Ajwani, Secretary, Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) talks on Internet governance
Ajwani,Secretary,ISPAI,NRO Member Council(APNIC),India

Raju Vegesna, CEO and Managing Director, Sify Technologies Ltd, Chennai, India
Raju Vegesna, CEO and Managing Director, Sify Technologies Ltd shares his perspectives on various aspects of the emerging and future of Internet, and with a commitment to reaching the next billion.

Green IT News

  • "Decisive action and global solidarity" needed to combat climate change: UNSG in Beijing
  • World Food Day links hunger with climate change and bioenergy
  • UNDP unveils initiative to help governments tackle climate change
  • Wind power can prevent climate change
  • Pakistan establishes a task force on climate change
  • Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change
  • Declaration to combat climate change in APEC meeting

netgov Speak: Lead up to IGF 2008
Deliberating on networking issues
Title=netgov Speak:Lead up to IGF 2008

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The network readiness index

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