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Emerging Technologies: Panacea for the poor?

Bottom of pyramid mobile access
Mobile Opportunities

Ongoing revolution in e-Publishing

Supportive payment systems
Mobile Banking

Capacity building in Asian countries
Internet Governance

New technologies and education
ICTs in Teaching, LAC

An interdiscliplinary collarboratory
Profile: Hastac

ICTs and indigenous people
E-Bario Knowledge Fair, 3rd Global Knowledge Conference, December 2007

Enabling technologies for differently abled
ICTs For Challenged Persons

Telecom infrastructure for the new age
Tele Density, India

Envisioning a free Internet
Commons Summit 2007

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m-Dev: Current issues and concerns
Mobiles and Development Conference, 16 May 2007, University of Manchester, UK

Obituary: Prof. Samaranayake passes away
Sri Lanka’s ICT industry champion

ICTD Project Review Workshop
ICTD Project Newsletter

Book received

Bytes for All...

List of forthcoming ICT events around the world

In Fact
In Fact
Towards a tech dream

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