Monthly Digest, May, 2007 [Read articles of i4d May 2007 on Promoting innovations, role of ICTs in SMEs]

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Inclusive ICTs for SMEs

Enterprising youth
Nigeria Rocks

Networking to develop the economies
SME Scenario

Technology integration into enterprising projects
ICTs in SMEs, Mexico

Discriminants for the adoption of ICTs
ICT Studies on Costa Rican SMEs

Enterprise management and artisan SHGs
Ascent, India

ICTs- a viable solution for SMEs
ICT and SMEs in Egypt: A Case Study

ICT enabled business incubators from Asia

Connecting Indian SMEs through a portal
Golden Icon Award 2005 to SENET India

Role of technology to expand Microfinance
Corporate Profile: FINO

eLearning in African and Latin American countries
Story telling for knowledge sharing

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Field Report
Moving towards masses
Janadhar: Soochna Kutir Projects

ICTD Project Review Workshop
ICTD Project Newsletter

Book received

Bytes for All...

List of forthcoming ICT events around the world

In Fact
Entering into enterprising

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