Monthly Digest, September, 2006 [Read articles of i4d September 2006 on ICTs and SME]

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If SMEs be the will, ICT may show the way

ICT In Public Information System
Database integration for information management

May a thousand e-Entrepreneurs bloom

ICTS in e-Business
Adoption of ICTs in SMEs

TeNeT’s Rural BPO Initiative

Building Women’s ICT Social Enterprise
Social outsouring: creating livelihoods

Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India
Improving trade, securing livelihoods, with ICTs

New Step In Telecentre Movement In Bangladesh
SEBA – GP Partnership

Community Based E-commerce
The innovative power of telecentre networks

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Indian Telecentre Forum 2006 (ITF 2006), 23-25 August, New Delhi
Knowledge sharing through telecentres

‘KICCS’ 2006, Ayuttaya, Thailand
Knowledge discovery

Creating awareness on ICTs among SMEs

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Books received:
OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Outlook 2005
Open Source for the Enterprise: Managing Risks Reaping Rewards
Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) for Internet and ICTs

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