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DoT to auction lesser number of 3G licenses
A draft information memorandum of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on auctioning 3G licenses may create discontent among telecom providers including the big ones. If the memorandum is accepted, many private operators will not have access to 3G spectrum.



2009 will be critical for Climate Change
During a press conference in New York, UN officials stressed on the negotiations underway for a successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol, expected to wrap up in December 2009, and said that next year will be the year of climate change.


Millennium city goes green
Alternative sources of Rural electrification in the NorthEast


Redefining regulation of cyber networks
In view of the rising incidence of misuse of cyber networks, the government of India has decided to incorporate regulatory laws and legal provisions in the existing IT Act 2000. Under the proposed bill, the government of India will have more powers to monitor networks and tap Internet connections.


The Red Ribbon Express (RRE) concludes journey
Disability of the Government?
Problem emanates as contractor in charge of DTC's GPS project backs out
National awards for the empowerment of persons with disabilities


WHO pleads for Mercury ban in hospitals
World Health Organization (WHO) has taken up the issue of banning Mercury-based medical instruments in government hospitals across India.


Gene Test to reveal kids' sporting ability prospects


Self-powering handset in the offing
Gone are the days when people used to desperately search for plug-in points to power their handsets. A new self-powering handset that converts sound waves (produced by the user) into energy thereby reversing battery usage is on the anvil.



Lock-in period to hinder stock sale
The proposed decision of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to go for a three-year lock-in period on the sale of equity in new licencee companies, may well create backlash among major telecommunication giants. The decision comes at a point when many companies have started selling their stakes to other major firms.


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