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Andreas Schild receives the first Sir Edmund Hillary Himalayan Environment Award
The first Sir Edmund Hillary Himalayan Environment Award was held at the Headquarters of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) in New Delhi on 14th October 2008.



Wireless soil sensors to help Indian farmers
Iowa State University (ISU) is developing wireless soil sensors to improve farming while minimizing environmental impacts. According to ISU, the prototype sensors are designed to collect and send data about soil moisture


ATI Caraga opens e-learning to farmers
India: Punjab farmers receive info on cellphones


e-Governance projects: Status report
According to the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, the major schemes being implemented by the Department of Information Technology are the State Wide Area Network (SWAN) Scheme, the Common service Centre Scheme (CSC), the State Data Centre (SDC) Scheme the Capacity Building (CB) Scheme and the e-District Scheme.


Software product certification for e-Governance initiative
Railways to have integrated security System


UNESCO launches educational TV channel IRAQI EDU
UNESCO and the Education Minister of Iraq yesterday launched the Iraqi Educational TV Channel, IRAQI EDU. The channel is a response to the difficult security conditions


Virtual classroom becomes reality in UP
SMART technologies launches 'SMART Table' for schools


India launches health management info portal
The Government of India has launched the Health Management Information System (HMIS) portal to convert local health data into real time useful information, management indicators and trends which could be displayed graphically in the reports.


Vision screening for diabetics goes high tech
TI developing remote asthma monitoring device


Western India’s rural poor to benefit from UN-backed project
Around 95,000 poor households in Western Indian state of Rajasthan who are suffering from a harsh, arid climate and low rainfall will soon get a benefit from United Nations backed project.


Mongolia and Pacific island nations to benefit from UN technology training programmes


India: 3G spectrum auction postponed to January 2009
A Raja, the Union Communications Minister of India, has officially announced that the 3G auctions, which were originally scheduled to be in December 2008, will now be conducted on January 2009.


Mobile tariff reduction in India


UN agency: Hard action needed to simplify Telecom standards
The United Nations technology agency stated that the telecommunications industry needs to take aggressive action to streamline its work on standardizing the industry and end duplication of effort within the sector.


Rwanda: U.S.$ 24 million for broadband-infrastructure


Fast wireless services set for rural areas of Japan
The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry of Japan has established a panel to promote next-generation fast wireless Internet communication services for rural areas.


Free Internet service for Gozitans

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