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Google launches Internet Bus in Tamil Nadu, India
Google India has launched an Internet Bus, a mobile bus specifically designed to provide an Internet experience to the people across the cities of Tamil Nadu (India).
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FAO calls for Conservation Agriculture systems to reduce agriculture's carbon footprint
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) called farmers to adopt Conservation Agriculture (CA) practices to ensure sustainable yield growth and reduce carbon's footprint.


Philippines Government launches K-Agrinet project to benefit farmers
Cornell helps develop robotic tractor and sprayer


South Korea ranked 1st out of 198 e-Government Countries
Brookings Institution of Governance Studies has ranked South Korea at the 1st position out of 198 countries. Other highly ranked countries in the study are Taiwan, United States, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Germany and Ireland. Singapore, which was placed 4th, is the top ranking country among Asian nations, dropping down two places from its 2nd position in 2007.


Computing solutions in 12 Indian languages
Administrative Reforms Commissionís 11th Report


Educational divide bridged through e-learning
It is critical to initiate radical reforms to build a knowledge-based society within the global arena. Creativity determines the survival and prosperity of nations. Information Communication Technology (ICT) in education is the way forward enabling such educational reforms, said Minister of Education, Susil Premajayantha.


Future Group to open up universities and schools
Dept. of Education Partners with US computer companies for schools


ICMR to start testing of AIDS vaccine
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will start phase I clinical trials to test a combination of two AIDS vaccine candidates.


Hospitals use IT to get tough on infections
Gujarat govt to invest INR 30 billion for healthcare


APAC SMBs to increase IT spend in 2009
According to new report published by Access Markets International Partners (AMI-Partners), IT expenditures by SMBs in the Asia-Pacific region will reach US$153 billion in 2009. the report noted that leading IT& T spend in the region are China, Korea and India.


Banks in Orissa urged to fulfill MSME loan target
ADB and Japan to help grow micro insurance service in Bangladesh

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Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo 2009 (OSSPAC)
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CommunicAsia 2009
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