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Is radiation-induced mutation harmful?
There has been increasing speculation over the sustainability of crops that undergo induced genetic mutation. While there is a parallel argument pleading for organic farming and natural mutation, facts show that there are around 3000 crop varieties of some 170 different plant species spread across 100 countries



Ban Ki-moon urges for a Green New Deal
Despite the Poznan talks failing to reach at a global consensus on climate change, the last two days of the conference saw important deliberations and resolutions on measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


Poznan talks fail to provide solutions
European Union says no to tungsten lamps


Indian Railways the most popular Government website on Google
Google announced its India Zeitgeist, a look at 2008 through the collective eyes of the Indian users on the web. While developing the 2008 report, Google analyzed various aspects of the search queries to understand what was on the minds of Internet users in India.


Advanced data centre For Vietnam
MCD to go online majorly


Macmillan aids learning through animation
New alliances are becoming a trend in the e-learning domain to scale-up product outreach. Keeping the trend is Macmillan Publishers India alliance with Eudurite Technologies to introduce animation-based e-content in 18,000 Indian schools.


Language lab to enhance reading habits


IBM develops open-standard medical imaging, archiving solutions
IBM has unveiled a powerful combination of advanced imaging and information archiving technologies that provides healthcare and medical research organisations with complete and timely access to critical imaging and diagnostic information at the point of care — regardless of the source, age or location of the information.


Australian govt approves sharing of patient eRecords
SMS for the nearest healthcare facility in India


India’s first 3G Services launched
The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh will launch the country's first 3G services on the occasion of inaugurating the India Telecom 2008 today in New Delhi.


Next Generation 4G WiMAX wireless technology on its way

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